Anneke van Abbema


Industrial Designer specialised in Wearables

“ I want to improve people’s lives or performances
by making (textile) products that closely interact with the human body,
with a focus on Healthcare, Wellbeing and Sports ”

how I do this:



I love to work with textiles, shaping 2D material into 3D products and discovering new materials that can meet the product' needs.



My passion is to design (textile) products that closely interact with the human body by enhancing intuitive behavior.



While designing I always focus on details: the shape itself, texture, connection of parts and placement of elements.


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  • Blog: Wearable Innovation

    2018 Working on wearables is fun and challenging at the same time. Why? Read the full article...
  • Mission Navigation Belt 2.0

    2016-2017 Elitac continues the development of the MNB by embedding all electronics into a garment suitable for military conditions.
  • Tactile Car Seat

    2017 Improve safety of professional drivers and first-responders by using tactile navigation.
  • FysioPal

    2014-2016 FysioPal motivates you to a healthy body position at work.
    Pauline van Dongen x Elitac.
  • Updated Wired Tactile Display

    2016 Next to fully integrated (laminated) electronics, Elitac also provides wired electronics.
  • Mission Navigation Belt 1.0

    2014-2017 A shirt with laminated electronics that transmits information using vibrations, developed at Elitac.
  • Noes - a hospital toy

    2016 Noes helps traumatised children to relax during hospital procedures, developed for Pontes Medical / UCMU.
  • Prototyping a new biometric shirt

    2014 Splendo develops a biometric shirt for the measurement of vital functions while doing sports
  • New treatment for sleep apnea

    2011-2014 The Sleep Position Trainer by NightBalance is a new treatment for positional sleep apnea.
  • A comfortable footstrap

    2013 + 2014 Exo-L develops an innovative ankle brace that provides stability to the ankle without constraining movability.
  • Pro Hiking Pads

    2010 Creating a new product for the Dutch Olympic Sailors which improves the chance on Olympic medals.
  • Personal work

    2010-2016 Whenever I have free time, I love to spend it on making stuff from textiles. Here you can find some of my projects.
  • Home grow kit RotterZwam

    2014-2017 Grow oyster mushrooms on your own coffee waste: Development of a home grow kit.
  • Packaging for tree-pod

    2014 Packaging design for the first bio-based laptop and tablet stand.

  • Brute Ben

    2014 Cooperation with Anne Communiceert for the development of communication means for Brute Ben.
  • DROP Merchandise

    2012 + 2013 + 2014 Tree-year in a row DROP merchandise contest winner. DROP is a board sports student association in Delft.
  • 2011 Summer apparel

    2011 A study on apparel and artwork for a surf brand summer collection in 2011.

  • Magic Marine apparel

    2011 A collection of design and artworks designed for the 2012 summer apparel for Magic Marine.
  • Prototyping a bike seat

    2012 Making the textile parts for a prototype of a bike seat for toddlers.

  • Military shoe

    2010 Cooperating with Bata industrials to design a new shoe for the Dutch Infantry.

what my clients say...




I am really looking forward to talk to you about new product ideas on wearables or textile products.
Send me a message so we can grab a coffee!